The Best Hiddleswift Conspiracy Theories, Ranked

tom hiddleston and taylor swift Split - Getty - H 2016
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tom hiddleston and taylor swift Split - Getty - H 2016

Because who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory?

Taylor Swift is the queen of torrid love affairs and whirlwind romances — or maybe that's just what she wants you to think. 

In the weeks following her split from Calvin Harris, Swift has quite publicly taken up with one Tom Hiddleston, gallivanting across the globe hand-in-hand with her alleged new beau — strolling on beaches, visiting the Vatican and even meeting his parents — all while and having her photo taken every step of the way.

Meanwhile, the usually mum Harris had an out-of-character social media meltdown. The DJ responded to inquiries from Swifties about the quick progression of Hiddleswift's relationship on Instagram and then deleted all photos of his bygone relationship from the app. 

In the midst of the Hiddleswift chaos, several conspiracy theories have taken hold. The first (and most widely retweeted) theory proposes that the couple is simply capturing footage for a performance art-style music video, which Swift will drop just ahead of the two-year anniversary of 1989's release in 2014.

Support for this theory comes from the fact that Swift nearly always drops her albums in two-year intervals, with a single released a couple months beforehand ("Shake It Off" debuted in August, while 1989 was released in October). Additionally, most of the paparazzi footage comes from a single agency. The timing would be appropriate for Hiddleston, too, as he is lobbying for an Emmy nomination for his role in The Night Manager and would also benefit from the publicity come September. 

Plus, Hiddleston was caught wearing an "I [Heart] T.S." muscle tank while attending Swift's over-the-top Fourth of July bash. Like, who even does that?

But aside from the idea of an elaborate performance art-hoax, the good people of the Internet have also concocted some equally entertaining (if not also plausible) theories as to what the media storm that is Hiddleswift could actually be. Here, a ranking of the best alternatives.

6. The Escalating Dares Theory

5. The I'm Still Here-Type Documentary Theory

4. The Hillary Distraction Theory

3. The Pregnancy Theory

2. The Little Mermaid Theory

1. The Gone Girl Theory