Round Sunglasses Are Going to Rule the Summer

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Selena Gomez in Krewe du Optic's St. Louis style

Just ask Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid.

Of the several '70s trends that have been resurrected this year — including flares, fringe and all things patchwork denim — round sunglasses take the cake. (At least, in this writer's opinion). 

Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid and Dakota Fanning — arguably three of the most stylish ladies in Hollywood — would agree that round shades are the accessory of the summer; they've each having rocked the on-trend sunnies while out and about. Whether styled with a sexy, deep-v gown (a la Gomez), a simple tee and trench (like Hadid) or a more casual sweater and baggy denim ensemble (see: Fanning), there's really no wrong way to embrace the look. 


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And while you don't need to be a model (and/or John Lennon) to pull off the look, Stirling Barrett, founder of celeb-favorite brand Krewe du Optic, notes that the style works best on specific face shapes. 

"Oval or heart-shaped faces look the best in smaller, round frames," he says, adding that those "more angular face shapes better complement the styles." 


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Although gold metal wire frames prevailed during the British Invasion era (Ray-Ban's round frames are a classic), nowadays, colorful and patterned frames as well as bridgeless glasses are making a statement. Another popular summer trend? Reflective lenses in spring-y hues. "We are loving pastel mirrored lenses this summer," notes Barrett.

Just in time for the long and bright days ahead, we've rounded up five styles, including a classic round look as well as edgier options, to get you ready for the sun.

Miu Miu Noir sunglasses in Dark Havana; $390,

Ray-Ban Round Classic sunglasses; $150,

Garrett Leight Van Buren; $395, 

Krewe du Optic Conti glasses; $275,

Linda Farrow Gold-Plated Round sunglasses; $695,