Best of South Korean Short Films to Stream on Web, Flights

A selection of works from a film festival supported by Asiana Airlines will make its way online and to in-flight entertainment channels.

SEOUL -- The 11th Asiana International Short Film Festival takes place Nov. 7-12 in Seoul, but the annual event supported by South Korea’s Asiana Airlines will also screen works online and on flights.

For the first time, 10 films featured in the Korean Competition section will be shown online through Naver TV Store, a channel on Korea’s largest portal site. Winning works are also available for view through Asiana Airline’s in-flight entertainment system.

“We’ve discussed ways to distribute short films by grouping them together [to meet the feature film running time], but this has not been pursued yet,” said veteran actor Ahn Sung-ki, who serves as the festival's director. “Currently it is difficult to distribute short films in a consistent, long-term fashion, but we are devising ways to do so.”

The films to be shown through the Web this year are D-24, Family, I Go Through the Summer, When the Moon Is on the Wane, Love Potion, Two Boys and a Sheep, The Wish, Home, and Grecoroman.

“While school bullying and violence, irregular [contracted] workers, and dysfunctional families are the dominant themes of many of the submitted Korean shorts, films displaying critical awareness on social issues and unique perspectives have been selected for this section,” said organizers.

This year a record 846 works were submitted for the Korean Competition, of which 12 were selected through preliminary judgments. Cash prizes include a 5-million-won ($4,717) grand prize.

The International Competition also attracted a large number of candidates. A total of 46 titles from 29 countries, stretching from the Netherlands and Australia to Cyprus and Brazil, were selected from among 4,000 submissions from 104 countries. These films will vie for cash prizes including the 15-million-won ($14,152) grand prize.

Last year, Busan International Film Festival founder/honorary director Kim Dong-ho created his directorial debut piece Jury for the festival’s 10th anniversary. The film has since toured the festival circuit from Berlin to Sao Paulo and is showing at the London Korean Film Festival, which continues through the end of November.