Best of Subscription Boxes: 5 Ultimate Last-Minute Gifts That Keep on Giving

Oui Please - H 2014

Oui Please - H 2014

Procrastinator, you could even dawdle until Christmas Eve and no one would be the wiser.

Two-day shipping is over, folks. So, at this point you're either banished to parking-lot mayhem and register hell or you've got to think outside the box. Or, actually, inside the box. The subscription box. Think about it: These packages are a fab reminder to your loved ones that you are a beyond generous and thoughtful (and non-lagging) human — every week or month.

Since there's been a surge of entrepreneurial activity in this sector over the last few years, the array isn't just limited to Birch and BarkBoxes anymore. We're talking plenty of expertly tailored and coolly curated packages sure to enchant. Check out our selections here and the coinciding symbolic suggestion you can wrap for the ceremonial present-opening (don't worry, they'll only require minimal effort as well). 

Now, as for that New Year's resolution …


OuiPlease is for the elite Francophile in your life, with all included items made in the country of romance and culinary delights. A sampling from the latest box (seen above) includes Atelier Cologne created with Vanilla from Madagascar, a funky bracelet from Parisian line 5 Octobre, and a Christian LaCroix 2015 diary. Trés chic. Single ($175), month-to-month ($175), and annual memberships ($650) are available. Suggestion: Head to the grocery store, buy a croissant, wrap it up and let them know a delivery man will be bringing Paris to his/her door lickety-split!


Trunk Club

Trunk Club will ensure your man never leaves the house in Rainbow flip-flops and cargo shorts again (phew!). A stylist pieces together a cleverly designed "trunk" box full of clothing based upon his your preferences, which your significant other can try on at home and return anything he doesn't like within 10 days. Expect the likes of Rag & Bone, Billy Reid and Salvatore Ferragamo to show up as frequently as necessary (it's not a monthly situation). Prices vary depending on how many/what type of items are requested. Suggestion: Put a pair of his most heinous pants in a trash bag and wrap it beautifully. You can tell him what's in store on your walk to the garbage bin.



Quarterly is probably the most genius of the options out there. Choose a "curator" like Nina Garcia, Rosario Dawson or Pharrell Williams, and items they've handpicked will be delivered to your door every three months. Depending on whom you choose, the surprises could include a notebook an author used to bang out her memoir or a coffee a musician was sipping when he laid down a track. The point is, there's always a groovy narrative involved. Suggestion: Draw up a quiz involving the curators listed on the site. Once the winner is chosen, you'll explain what happens next. 



Preface: Only read further if you currently are or have a sugar mama or daddy. Net-a-Porter is now offering shoes for every week of the year. Your personal shopper will help you choose them for a whopping $41,500 a year. Suggestion: Buy a stack of lotto tickets, stat.



For $75 a month, Mantry will stock up your bachelor brother or foodie hubs with anything a man could want in his pantry (if he happens to be savvy enough to call it that). Think delectables like bison jerky from the foothills of Montana or BBQ sauce brewed in Alabama's backwoods. Added perk: they have some of the best themes like Retox Vol. II, Bacon in America, and Craft Beer Belly. Suggestion: Snag some PBR, Spam, and other culinary shockers to gross him out. Wrap them in cellophane and grosgrain ribbon to really spur confusion. Tell him to expect the opposite soon.