Super Bowl: LeBron James, Rainn Wilson and More Stars React to Maroon 5's Halftime Show

Larry King, Stephen Amell and Jemele Hill also weighed in on the show, which featured Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi.

When Maroon 5 took the stage for the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show, featuring Travis Scott and Big Boi, Twitter users quickly had a lot to say about the performance. From critiques of Adam Levine's shirtless finale to celebrations of a SpongeBob SquarePants reference, those in entertainment added their thoughts to the online discussion. 

LeBron James didn't seem impressed with the lack of stage time for Scott, tweeting, "That's all for Travis or nah?!?!?!"

The Office star Rainn Wilson joked that the show lasted for "Maroon 5 hours," and Larry King posted, "That was a rousing #HalftimeShow! I just wish I understood all the lyrics." 

Arrow's Stephen Amell wrote that Levine was lip syncing which was "disappointing in person," and Roseanne actress Sandra Bernhard called it "the worst halftime show during the lousiest #StuporBowl in history."  

Recent Dancing with the Stars winner Bobby Bones tweeted that it "sounded good" despite much of the negative feedback online, and Eugene Lee Yang, one of the Try Guys, documented his emotional halftime journey on Twitter.  

Activist and form ESPN reporter Jemele Hill said the performance was "if gentrification were a Super Bowl halftime show," and comedian Matt Oswalt teased Levine for his tattoo choices, asking if they were "inspired by stuff he sees while shopping at Hot Topic." 

(See more photos of the halftime show here.)

A number of Hollywood viewers also wondered why it was OK for CBS to air Levine performing without his shirt on but Janet Jackson's infamous nipple-baring wardrobe malfunction from the 2004 halftime show led to a swift backlash, a crackdown on indecency on TV and a $550,000 fine from the FCC, which was ultimately overturned.