The Best #TrumpMyHand Reactions

Donald Trump -Getty-Split-Hand-H 2016
Alex Wong/Getty Images; Photographed By Jai Lennard

THR's printable hand-size comparison to Donald Trump has been taken up by Twitter users en masse.

From offices around the country to even the U.S. Capitol, people were eager to measure up against Donald Trump, or at least his hands. 

Trump has been mocked for having small hands ever since it came to light that he is very self-conscious about his mitts after being poked fun at in a magazine article years ago. 

On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter gave readers a chance to see how their hand size compares to that of the GOP presidential nominee with an actual impression of Trump's right hand. People were quick to share their results over social media, along with plenty of jokes. 

See some of the best posts below.