BET Awards 2011 Flub: Fan Tiffany Green Announces Wrong Viewers' Choice Award Winner

UPDATED: She says Chris Brown's name first but then has to correct her mistake by announcing Rihanna and Drake; later BET announces that Brown is in fact the real winner.

One fan's dream may have turned into a nightmare Sunday night at the BET Awards. 

The fan got the chance of a lifetime to present the Coca-Cola Viewers' Choice Award, but when it came time to announce the winner, she somehow said the wrong name during the live telecast.

BET Awards 2011: Chris Brown Wins First Award of the Night

Instead of announcing Rihanna featuring Drake the winner for their song "What's My Name," she at first said Chris Brown was the winner -- and then had to correct her mistake.
When Drake took the stage, he noted how "awkward" the situation was.

But later, BET tweeted that Brown was in fact the actual winner -- meaning the presenter had it right the first time.

The original gaffe set Twitter alight with comments.

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"wtf just Happened??? Did she announce the Winner is Chris Brown? Then Rihanna? And its actually Drake? BET fuQ Ups... Dayum," wrote Age Faser.

Added Brandon Parker: "Somebody's gotta explain why that girl failed so terribly on that award presentation. Was someone in her ear? Did she plan this?"

China Candy Co. weighed in: "'The award goes to Chris Brown wait no Rihanna, wait um oops I meant Drake'" LOL woooooow"

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Added Natasha Miller: "That was a terrible mistake..when hiring a rookie goes wrong."

Meanwhile, several others speculated that it appeared she was reading from a teleprompter and that someone behind the scenes of the awards show was actually to blame.

"WtF jus happened with the viewers choice award?... Dat cute girl must be embarrassed right now... Who's the producer of this show?" added Cassius Watson.

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After the mistake was corrected, several more chimed in.

Wrote Abbie-Louise Breezy: "You made a disrespectful mistake though BET chris should of had his acceptance speech!!!"

RegennajayMUA added: "Finally...I was confused."