Betsey Johnson Is Putting Her NY Apartment Up for Sale

Betsey Johnson's Pool Party At Sunset Tower GETTY - P 2016
Charley Gallay/Getty Images

The designer revealed the news while celebrating her West Coast move with a pool party at Sunset Tower.

Betsey Johnson revealed last August she was going to be bicoastal, splitting her time between New York, where she's resided for several decades, and her newfound home, Malibu. But now, the designer has decided to move West — permanently.

"You can announce that my New York apartment is up for sale! I just decided," the always-energetic designer told Pret-a-Reporter of selling her one-bedroom apartment on 85th Street and Madison Avenue. Though she has yet to put up the listing, she said, "I have to call my girl to sell it, but yeah, it's kind of freeing."

And so far, Johnson's enjoying all the sunshine SoCal has to offer, as far as we could tell on Thursday, when she hosted a pool party at Sunset Tower Hotel, where guests (Perez Hilton, Karrueche Tran and Unfriended star Renee Olstead included) were treated to a brief performance by pro synchronized swimmers the Aqualillies, as well as a variety of pop tunes spun by DJ Amy Pham.

BETSEY'S BABES: Betsey Johnson with the Aqualillies (Photo: Getty Images)

"I needed a major change. And when the kids decided to move — we're so close, I could never," said Johnson of how it would have been too difficult to be away from daughter Lulu (who starred in the short-lived reality show XOX Betsey Johnson with her mom) and granddaughters Layla and Ella.

"My family decided seriously after last winter, they said, 'I'm out of here!' " Johnson, clad in a striped dress and a belt that spelled out New York, explained of the big move. "And it's night and day: the weather, the kids being outside so much."

Another perk of the designer moving to the West Coast? A chance to visit her house in Zihuatanejo, Mexico  or, as she refers to it on Instagram, "Villa Betsey," where she's able to enjoy dinners by the water with a beautiful sunset as a backdrop. Not only does she have an adobe down south, but, she also revealed, "I'm opening up a little villa hotel in Mexico." (She already owns two villas in the Mexican seaside city.)

But back to Malibu.

If you're ever in the coastal city, don't be surprised if you bump into Johnson at one of these three restaurants she listed as her favorites: Geoffrey's, The Sunset Restaurant and Taverna Tony.

Now let's all give the cartwheeling creative a big warm welcome to the West Coast, shall we?