Betsey Johnson Is Going to Spend More Time in Malibu

Betsey Johnson Splits - H 2015
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Betsey Johnson Splits - H 2015

Splits on the beach, anyone?

Betsey Johnson, who has lived and worked in New York for most of her colorful life, is packing up her bags and heading west to California. More specifically, she's moving to Malibu.

In a new interview with Paper magazine's Mickey Boardman, the famed designer said she's going to the sunny hotspot, beloved by Hollywood A-listers and fashion folks alike, for "the kids [e.g., her grandchildren]."

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"I'm going to be bicoastal, which is great because the Malibu market has more f—ing fashion and uniqueness and health and grooviness," said the former Dancing With the Stars contestant, who celebrated her 73rd birthday on Aug. 10. "It's a very inspiring place. I'm buying a Mini Cooper. It's a little car, and I never want to go on the highway, [although] I'll go on the PCH because it's straight, and I know where to go."

She's quick to note, though, that she hates California and earthquakes. But Malibu, which she called "strange," makes her realize there's more to life than the Big Apple.

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"A couple of old surfer dudes looked at me, and I looked back at them and thought, 'Wow. This is the first time that I've had any communication with a man outside of being "Betsey Johnson" in New York City,' " said the always-energetic creative. But don't count on her trying online dating anytime soon, though.

"I can't. That's the problem. Most guys just use and abuse me," explained Johnson of why she wouldn't use Tinder. "They're [usually] musicians or cooks or something completely out of left field so that they don't remind me of my work. But I let them take advantage of me." Oy.