Beverly Hills Imposes 6-Month Ban on Dockless Scooters

No Scooter Zone - Staff - P 2018
Peter Kiefer

The Beverly Hills Police Department will start enforcing a “zero-tolerance policy” that includes impounding the devices and citations.

The Beverly Hills City Council has imposed a six-month ban on dockless scooters after the City Attorney drafted an "urgency ordinance" that prohibits the scooters from being placed or offered for use on any public property. 

At a City Council meeting late on Tuesday the council voted 4-1 to ban the scooters, citing safety concern and what they called “a lack of any advanced planning and outreach by the motorized scooter companies.”

The two biggest companies currently operating in Los Angeles are Bird Rides Inc.and Lime. 

In a press release, the city says that the Beverly Hills Police Department will enforce a “zero-tolerance policy” on the use of motorized scooters that will include impounding the devices and issuing citations. It is unclear how much those citations will cost. 

The West Hollywood City Council previously banned the scooters in mid-July, while Bird agreed to pay more than $300,000 in fines to the Santa Monica city attorney's office in February after the city filed a complaint that the company had launched there without permission.

Keith Sterling, a spokesperson for the city of Beverly Hills, told The Hollywood Reporter that the council would be open to meeting with the companies and potentially allowing the electric scooters back sometime in the future.