Beverly Hills Hotel Named First Historic Landmark of Beverly Hills

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The swimming pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel, whose main building was constructed in 1912. "I like the bungalows," says fan McG, "and you think about the people who have walked around in there before I was alive, and it's an extraordinary history."

The iconic Beverly Hills Hotel received the high honor at its 100th anniversary commemoration ceremony.

“The Pink Palace” made history as the Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows officially became the first historic landmark in Beverly Hills at its 100th anniversary commemoration ceremony.

Five-time Grammy Award winner Dionne Warwick was present at the hotel’s Crystal Ballroom to celebrate the opening of the hotel’s most recent time capsule and the creation of a new one.

Beverly Hills Hotel general manager and west coast regional director of USA for Dorchester Collection Edward Mady opened up a time capsule from 1993 that was unearthed from area near the entrance to the red carpet. He presented the items, which included a cigar from Milton Berle, a drawing by Tony Curtis on a napkin from the Polo Lounge and Warwick’s cassette That’s What Friends Are For. Warwick, a former Beverly Hills resident, presented her new album, Dionne Now, as the first item to be put a new capsule, which will be opened in 25 years.

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“I’ve stayed in this hotel I mean how many times,” said Warwick. “I had my 40th birthday birthday party right here in this very room, so there are a lot of memories here for me.”

Mady, along with people like Motion Picture & Television Fund Foundation CEO Ken Sherer, contributed items representing their connection to the hotel, including a Beverly Hills Hotel cappuccino cup and an iPad loaded with film clips of the hotel’s history. Beverly Hills Mayor William W. Brien presented the proclamation and historic landmark plaque, and placed a copy along with his “mayor’s pen” into the new time capsule.

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The iconic luxury hotel, which opened its doors two years before Beverly Hills became a city, has been a staple in Hollywood over the years catering to several celebrity guests, including Marilyn Monroe, Warren Beatty and Elizabeth Taylor, who honeymooned with six of her eight husbands.

“The glamour, the tradition and the history is unmatched,” said Mady. “We feel very honored that the city is recognizing us as being a flag bearer of the city of Beverly Hills.”