Beverly Hills Suicide Jumper Was Facelift Patient of Surgeon to Stars (Exclusive)

Beverly Hills Suicide Memorial - H 2014
Gary Baum

Beverly Hills Suicide Memorial - H 2014

Sources say the still-unidentified woman had been convalescing under the care of the staff of Dr. Brian Novack after undergoing a procedure the day before.

THR has learned that the office of A-list Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Novack – well regarded in Hollywood’s nip-and-tuck realm for what’s whispered to be his stellar but high-priced work on Demi Moore and other forever-young clients – is at the center of the Golden Triangle suicide tragedy that transpired on Wednesday morning.

Multiple sources in the local medical community say the 53-year-old woman, who jumped to her death from the top of a 15-story office building at about 10 a.m., had been staying overnight under the supervision of Novack's staff after having undergone a facelift the day before. (She was to be discharged to an after-care facility for further convalescence later that day.) The Beverly Hills Police Department and the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office have yet to release her name.

STORY: Woman Jumps From Building in Beverly Hills

The building at 414 N. Camden Dr. is mostly filled with aesthetics-oriented doctors who specialize in everything from restorative dentistry to hair implants.

Early Wednesday morning, the woman became agitated and aggressive, revealed a source who works in the building, pulling at her hair and pulling off her gown before escaping Novack’s 10th-floor office suite to the roof, where she sat naked for several hours, with her legs dramatically dangling off the edge. Police crisis negotiators unsuccessfully attempted to talk her down from the ledge as nearby streets were shut down. The Los Angeles Fire Department sent an engine and paramedic company to cover a Beverly Hills fire station during this period since the entirety of the city’s fire force was assigned to the incident.

An eyewitness who was watching the incident from a nearby office window told THR: "She sat on the ledge naked, then got up and walked around the edge of the building as if on a tightrope. She sat back down again before getting up and jumping off." This witness described the woman as a blonde Caucasian. "It was very traumatic to watch, especially as I was with my 11-year-old daughter and she saw it all."

Reached for comment about the death, a man in Novack’s office who did not identify himself would say only "we are not giving out any information about the incident that happened at our building." A medical staffer who works for another doctor in the building said that she witnessed Novack grieving in the lobby after the woman’s body had been taken away. "He looked demolished," she said.

By Thursday evening, one orange Beverly Hills traffic cone in front of the building – which sits just a few feet from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump’s Villa Blanca restaurant – had become a makeshift memorial. Passersby adorned it with flowers, lighting votives next to it and trading stories of the day before.