Beyonce Bitten in the Face in Scuffle, Recalls Tiffany Haddish

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"There's people out here biting Beyoncé!"

Even Beyoncé is susceptible to a scuffle once in a blue moon — and Tiffany Haddish can attest to that.

In an expectedly hilarious interview with GQ published today, the Girls Trip star recalled meeting Mrs. Carter at a party last December, at which the two women had a very polite and friendly conversation. Shortly after that, Haddish witnessed an astonishing altercation.

"There was this actress there that's just, like, doing the mostest," Haddish told GQ. "She bit Beyoncé in the face." (The actress has remained anonymous in all of Haddish's tellings of this story.)

"So Beyoncé stormed away, went up to Jay-Z, and was like, ‘Jay! Come here! This bitch —’ and snatched him," she continued. "They went to the back of the room. I was like, ‘What just happened?’ And Beyoncé's friend walked up and was like, ‘Can you believe this bitch just bit Beyoncé?’"

But according to Haddish, the brief tussle didn't stop there, as the actress and Beyoncé continued crossing paths throughout the night. Haddish was furious in Beyoncé's defense, but the "Drunk In Love" singer gave Haddish some reassurance by telling her just to "have fun."

“I was like, ‘She gonna get her ass beat tonight,’" Haddish said of her final words with Beyoncé. "She was like, ‘Tiffany, no. Don't do that. That bitch is on drugs. She not even drunk. The bitch is on drugs. She not like that all the time. Just chill.'"

Praise is in order for Beyoncé after managing to keep her cool throughout such an outlandish situation. Praise is also in order for Haddish, who is taking advantage of her opportunities to spread the news we don't want to hear, but need to know: "There's people out here biting Beyoncé!"

Though there have been suspects — all of whom denied they bit Beyonce — it appears we may never know the identity of the true culprit. During an Instagram Live session on Wednesday night, Haddish revealed that she has signed an NDA. 

“NDAs are real, so I’m not saying shit about nothing,” she said, adding that the Beyhive should move on and focus their attention elsewhere. “People should be focusing on the real issues at hand, like did you do your taxes? Because taxes is due real soon. Can your children read and write? Have you been working with them on their reading and their writing? Is your house clean? That’s what we need to be focusing on. But y’all wanna know … everybody’s going crazy about who bit Beyoncé.”

7:00 a.m., Mar. 29: This article was updated to reflect Haddish's claim that she signed an NDA.

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