Blue Ivy Isn't Sorry She Has a Custom Gucci Denim Jacket

beyonce-Instagram-Screen shot-h 2016
Courtesy of Instagram/beyonce


Based on the fact her parents are Beyonce and Jay Z, we have always assumed 4-year-old Blue Ivy Carter has one of the best toddler wardrobes known to man. And her mom’s latest Instagram just confirmed what we already believed to be true.

The "Sorry" singer posted a slideshow on Wednesday night (featuring Gucci Mane's "Lemonade" playing in the background) with several photographs showing off every angle of herself with her mini me wearing matching custom Gucci jean jackets. Blue Ivy’s acid-washed denim is a carbon copy of her mom’s, except in miniature form. The jackets are adorned with whimsical butterfly patches and roses, and the phrase, “L’Aveugle Par Amour,” which means “blinded by love.”


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Beyonce captioned the post simply, with lemon and heart emojis. At a certain age most kids cringe at the thought of matching outfits with their moms, but clearly Blue Ivy has clearly not yet hit that point. In fact, with Beyonce’s killer taste she’d be lucky to continue wearing whatever she picks out forever.