Pun Loving Beyonce Designs "BB Gun" Flash Tattoos

Beyonce Vanity Fair Party - H 2015
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Beyonce Vanity Fair Party - H 2015

Plus, lots of bees.

Flash tattoos — the metallic temporary tattoos responsible for your friends' funky tanlines — are uber popular at the moment. So naturally, it was only a matter of time before Beyonce developed her own collection of provocative tats. (After all, she's got to keep up with Rihanna, who debuted her collaboration back in June.)

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The "Beyonce Collection," available now on FlashTat.com for $28, includes five sheets of tattoos designed by Queen Bey and Flash Tattoos founder Miranda Burnet. The edgy line features nods to Bey's singles with tats reading "Put a ring on it" and "Flawless" as well as a number of references to her Beyhive, including actual bees and honeycomb-shaped cuffs. 

Other tattoos in the collection include a "BB Gun" and holster, and more provocative sayings including "naughty girl" and "BLOW." But don't worry, if you can't figure out the best way to wear them, you can refer to Bey's Instagram for ideas. 


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