Beyonce Is Fashionably Late to Gay Pride Celebration, Still Wins the Internet

Beyonce Met Gala Makeup - P 2015
AP Images

#LoveWins and so does Beyonce.

Plenty of celebrities took to social media to celebrate the Supreme Court's decision to make gay marriage legal in all 50 states last Friday, but there was one superstar who was noticeably absent from the Internet celebration: Beyonce

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Perhaps she was busy doing Beyonce-related things, such as advocating for veganism, going out in public in the most sheer fabric she could find or, you know, taking over the world — but don't worry everyone, Bey has made it up to us all with what we're sure Kanye West would agree is "one of the best [Instagram] videos of all time."

I mean really, what more could we ask for than a "7/11" mashup of Bey dancing around in colorful costumes, riding a rainbow-powered tricycle and rocking neon wigs? "Never Too Late #LoveWins" she captioned the technicolor dance montage. 


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Never change, Bey. Never change.