Beyonce Is Selling Emoji Lyric T-Shirts

Because it's not enough for you just to know the words to her songs — she wants you to wear them, too.

Thanks to Beyonce's "Drunk in Love" single, it's hard not to repeat to ourselves the word "surfboard" (or better yet, pronounced as "surfbort"). And Queen Bey knows it. So it comes as no surprise that she's capitalizing on that by selling a T-shirt as a nod to the popular term.

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The white tee features a surfer emoji on each sleeve with "surfboard" written in black on the bottom. Bey's other single, "Blow," also gets the fashion treatment in the form of a black tee with cherry illustrations on the sleeves, as a response to the, uh, sexual references from her song.

Both T-shirts are currently available for pre-sale for $40 each at Go forth and shop on.