Beyonce phone among new devices


DENVER -- A host of new multimedia mobile phones are poised to hit retail shelves, just in time for the holiday sales season.

Just a week after Verizon unveiled a touch-screen iPhone competitor as part of its fall device lineup, Sprint pulled the curtain back on a pair of new devices as well. The biggest splash in the music department is a Beyonce-branded version of the UpStage music phone, originally introduced earlier this year.

The B'Phone, as it is called, features gold-and-burgundy colors designed by Beyonce, a Beyonce-themed startup screen, and the ability to download exclusive Beyonce photos, videos and a childhood song she recorded when she was 10.

The company also introduced the Rumor from LG, pitched as a "social networking" device based on various text messaging and IM functions. A "text tones" feature allows users to assign specific alerts for incoming text messages from different people, much like is done with ringtones today.

Additionally, Sony/Ericsson announced its new Walkman branded phone will be on store shelves this month. The W910 lets users shake the device to skip between music tracks and has a SensMe music recommendation feature. The company also introduced a line of portable Bluetooth speakers that can be used to stream music from a Walkman phone.