Beyonce Powerfully Performs 'Lemonade' Hits at the VMAs 2016

She performed songs like "Pray You Catch Me," "Sorry" and "Hold Up" from her latest album.

Beyonce was on fire — in many ways — during her riveting performance at the VMAs on Sunday.

She sang multiple hits from her Lemonade visual album, starting with "Pray You Catch Me," and then singing "Hold Up," "Sorry" and "Don't Hurt Yourself."

Excerpts from the spoken word elements of her album were interspersed throughout her performance. She started out wearing white with images of fire projected on to her. Spotlights appeared on the dancers around her, turning red as they fell while Beyonce sang.

During "Hold Up" she danced in an all-black outfit swinging a bat and smashing the camera, reminiscent of the iconic images from her visual album. Flames flew up from the stage as she danced, working every inch of the stage.

"You all came to slay, sing along with me," said Beyonce as she started singing "Formation." At the end of her dynamic performance she made the female symbol with all of her backup dancers.