#SocialGathering: Tina Knowles Is Living Her Best Life; Capitol Hill Reporter Fashions Paper Into Sleeves to Appease Congress Dress Code

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And Seth Rogen's mom makes the connection between sex and yoga.

Can't keep up with what's been going on in the social media world? Fret not. Here, a gathering of what stars, artists and brands have been up to this week on social media.

The Beybies Must Be Fine

Ms. Tina Lawson, 63, mother to Beyonce and Solange and grandmother of four, has been on an Instagram kick this week, while Beyonce has stayed quiet on social media, only tweeting about her clean-water initiative with UNICEF. Naturally, Lawson has been rapidly gaining followers as people closely watch her videos for clues on the twins.

Here's what Beyonce's mom has been up to.

Queen of the sunglasses game, she rocked a pair of Perverse sunglasses while singing to Marvin Gaye in the car. You can get the same Perverse "Mutiny" glasses, $85, on perversesunglasses.com.


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She also joined the political conversation. This is Lawson's face when "hearing Trump say it’s an honor to meet Putin. Putin saying he’s delighted to meet Trump," she captioned.


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She went to see Wonder Woman and gave the film a great review.


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Here, she admires and explains the depth of the ocean. Beyonce and Jay Z are reportedly renting a Malibu mansion, making many commenters wonder if this was their home.


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Seth Rogen's Mom Makes Connection Between Sex and Yoga

You’re never too old to die of embarrassment over something your parents say. After Seth Rogen's mom, Sandy, tweeted about how "Falling asleep after sex is like Shavasana after yoga," he responded, "Jesus f—ing Christ mom."

Congress Bars Entry to Sleeveless Female Reporter

CBS reporter Rebecca Shabad reported Thursday that a young reporter wearing a sleeveless dress couldn't enter the speaker’s lobby outside the House Chamber on Capitol Hill, causing Twitter users to go into a frenzy. The young reporter improvised by tearing out pages from her notebook to fashion into sleeves. Meanwhile, the "no sleeves, no entry" rule doesn't seem to apply to Ivanka Trump, who is often seen entering and exiting the White House sans sleeves.


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Malala Yousafzai Joins Twitter

Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, 19, joined Twitter today to celebrate the end of secondary school, giving a pointed reminder that many women around the world never get the opportunity to receive any sort of education. The Pakistani student has been a voice for the right to education, giving her famous speech "How Dare the Taliban Take Away my Basic Right to Education?" in protest of school closings. Yousafzai received a warm Twitter welcome from Bill Gates, Kamala Harris, UNICEF and more.

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