Beyonce's 'Obama' Hoop Earrings Designer: 'We'd Die if the First Lady Wore a Pair'

Beyonce Obama Earrings - H 2012

Beyonce Obama Earrings - H 2012

Erika Pena sent them to the singer -- causing a tidal wave of requests for the political jewelry.

Puerto Rican Jewelry designer Erika Pena made a pair of pro-Obama gold hoop earrings for herself a few months ago. Because she travels so much (she lives most of the year in Bali), she was often stopped by fans of the incumbant who would ask her where she got them. So, she made about 2,000 of them in gold ($32) nad silver ($28) and put them on her e-commerce website.

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Then she had an idea. Pena and her office assistant Yara Montanez had worked with Beyonce’s longtime stylist Ty Hunter. So they sent a pair to him to give to the singer, who is -- as everyone knows -- a huge Obama supporter. She and husband Jay-Z, have raised over $4 million for his campaign at a fundraiser at the 40/40 Club in NYC this year. Well, Beyonce loved the earrings so much that she wore them the day she got them and sent a sweet thank-you note to Pena.

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After photos of her appeared wearing the earrings, Pena has been swamped with orders from around the world, even from Chili, Sweden, Canada. "We have now shipped over 16,000 and we only made 2,000," Montanez tells The Hollywood Reporter. They got 400 orders today and have now sent 10 pairs to Beyonce, who requested them to give to friends."

Um, one of her friends just happens to be The First Lady. Will a pair may make its way onto Michelle Obama’s ears? It's possible.

“We have purposely made some that are smaller and more sophisticated like Michelle’s style,” says Montanez. “We would all die, literally die, if the First Lady wore a pair.” But even if she doesn't, she says there will be lots of Pro-Bama earrings being worn on Nov. 6, election night.

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Predictably, the jewelry designer was asked if she would make some Romney jewelry. The answer was a flat out no.

“This is not about the money," says Montanez.