Beyonce's Pregnancy: What Fans are Saying

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The singer announced on Sunday during the Video Music Awards that she was expecting her first child with husband Jay-Z.

On Sunday during the MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce announced that she was pregnant with her first child with husband Jay-Z. At the end of her performance, she hugged her stomach, confirming the news.

"OMG Beyonce just made a huge announcement on the #vma!!!!!," MTV tweeted Sunday night, with a photo of the singer-actress with her hands on her stomach.


Here is what fans had to say about the sudden news:

Travis Wall, a former competitor on So You Think You Can Dance, wrote on Twitter following Beyonce's performance: "OMGGGGGGG BEYONCE!!! Aghh Shes pregnant too!!!!!!!!! That was amazing!"

"Beyoncé is going to be the most beautiful, giant, pregnant, glowing woman ever," wrote a user named Greg.

Another fan was impressed with her VMAs performance, in which she wore a bedazzled suit. "Beyonce is pregnant and still doing it. DEDICATION MUCH?!," they wrote.

"Sooooo Beyonce is finally pregnant! Yaay!," wrote another user.

Another fan wasn't shocked by the news, but nonetheless was happy: "Yay beyonce pregnant ten centuries later."

"And the Award for the best Pregnant performance goes to "BEYONCE" lawd hope the baby look like her," wrote another viewer following her performance.

Someone else compared Alicia Keys' pregnancy to Beyonce's, voting in favor of the latter. "Beyonce Pregnant > Alicia Keys Pregnant."

A Twitter user by the name of Cindy, wrote: "Finally BEYONCE IS PREGNANT, Jesus Christ, it's about time, lol, I wonder how the baby will look like! .... with Jay-Z's genes...."

Madeline Burks wrote: "I can't believe Beyonce is pregnant."