Beyonce's Stylist Releases Instagram-Inspired Clothing Line

TyHunterIG - P 2014
Courtesy of tytryone/@tytryone

TyHunterIG - P 2014

As Ty Hunter's signature social media phrase says, "!!!!"

If you follow Beyonce's stylist, Ty Hunter, on Instagram, you can expect to get a dose of inspiration or encouragement with his daily posts of uplifting quotes, which he typically captions with a series of exclamation points. Hunter's use of the punctuation mark on the social media platform has become his signature way of showing his enthusiasm. In fact, it's so well-known among his fans — he has more than 169 K followers — that the fashion director has turned the literary symbol into a style collab, partnering with ServedFresh on a limited-edition line.

The unisex collection, named "With Passion," features tees, sweatshirts and hoodies in black, white and yellow. Priced between $35 and  $95, the line includes a crop top with the statement "$PRI,CEL,LESS" printed across the chest, and a T-shirt with the words "Focused, Love, Fearless, Humble" and other encouraging phrases that form the shape of an exclamation mark.

If you plan on purchasing a piece from the collection, make sure to act quick because a few items are already sold out, including the black-and-white checkered "Buffalo Print" shirt and the Charlie Brown-inspired yellow tee.

Check out all the designs here.



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