Beyonce's Tour Wardrobe Involves the Dyeing of Fishnets in a Crock Pot

Beyonce Formation Tour Pasadena - Getty - H 2016
Kevin Mazur

All part of the process in creating the ideal onstage outfits for Bey and her dancers.

Beyonce's latest tour wardrobe is as swoon-worthy as one would expect. She has the biggest designers (Gucci's Alessandro Michele and Balmain's Olivier Rousteing) creating custom looks for her, after all. And if you've seen her live, you know she slays.

Though we had no doubt that it took an incredible amount of time for her styling team (including Marni Senofonte, who also helped style Lemonade) to piece together every detail, we didn't realize just how much labor went into the process. Case in point: One of Beyonce's team member had to dye fishnet tights in a crock pot for the dancers, as seen in a behind-the-scenes video uploaded to Beyonce's Facebook page on Monday.

"We've been dyeing fishnets in our crock pot because the girls don't all come in one color so we're trying to get the different shades to match the dancers' skin tone," she said, stirring the pot before running water over the tights in a public-style shower. "Then we just let it run a bit to get the dye out."

See how it goes down in the clip below.