Bieber in Israel: Oy!

Jack Guez/AFP/Getty Images

Justin Bieber fever hit the Holy Land on April 14 as the teen phenom performed in Tel Aviv for the first time. Sources say Bieber was paid $1 million for a concert at Hayarkon Park. But it wasn't a sellout. An estimated 17,000 showed up for the 90-minute performance; event producers had the number at 24,000, below the 35,000 attendees they had hoped for. "They overpaid and did not market it right," says promoter Shuki Weiss, who declined to bid on Bieber, believing it would be a hard sell. "I think it's important for every artist to come to Israel, but you need to know your crowd." Still, promoter Gadi Oron, who produced the show, is not complaining, telling THR, "The sales definitely met our expectations."