Big Boi wrapping up solo album

Says 'Sir Luscious' is 'like a recession special'

NEW YORK -- Rapper Big Boi is putting the finishing touches on his solo LP, "Sir Luscious Left Foot ... Son of Chico Dusty" via LaFace/Zomba. Though the LP has no official release date, the Outkast MC released "Royal Flush" featuring Andre 3000 and Wu-Tang's Raekwon six weeks ago. The track currently sits at No. 84 on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

"I'm shooting to finish the album by the end of August," Big Boi told

The MC worked with his usual Organized Noise production crew as well as long-time collaborator, Mr. DJ. Big Boi's second single will be "The World is Too Big" featuring Mary J. Blige.

"This album is Big Boi to the extreme," Big Boi said. "It's like a recession special. I'm talking about what's going on in the world, with everything from rising gas prices to the election. It's just my insights on life up to this point."

Big Boi also shared that long-time Outkast video director, Bryan Barber, will helm the clip for "Royal Flush," which is slated to shoot soon. While Raekwon will be featured in the clip, Big Boi was unsure whether Andre 3000's schedule would allow him to join the video's cast.

Last month, Big Boi debuted his "Big" collaboration with the Atlanta Ballet at Georgia's Fox Theater. Now, the MC is in talks with AEG and Live Nation to take the show on an international tour.