'Big Brother' Fan Favorites Talk Season 20, Predict 'Celebrity' Edition Cast

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans look back at their season and more.

The milestone 20th season of CBS reality series Big Brother was quickly deemed by fans as one of the best seasons of the show yet. The summer kicked off with a new cast of standout characters, a slew of epic competitions and one blindside after another.

Among its cast of 16 houseguests was runner-up Tyler Crispen and his ally-turned-showmance Angela Rummans

The pair were part of the "Level Six" alliance that dominated most of the game as they challenged the other side of the house, otherwise known as "FOUTTE" and "The Hive."

Both sides ramped up the entertainment all season long, and when the show wrapped it was the entire cast's moves and relationships outside of the game that have also been praised by fans. 

On what Tyler and Angela think made their season work, Angela tells The Hollywood Reporter, "They brought it back to the basics. They didn't have any crazy twists that brought the game to another level of Big Brother. It was a fresh, clean slate. That's why it did so well." 

For Tyler, playing the game was a dream manifested as a longtime superfan of the show. And while many argue he should've won the season, he's a little bit more modest on the matter, telling THR, "I just set myself up too much. I felt good about it, but I felt like I just set myself up to get to the end and I didn't actually do enough to pull it through and win." 

Watch Tyler and Angela's full In-Studio interview above where they predict the upcoming second-season cast of Celebrity Big Brother, talk The Amazing Race prospects and life outside of the game.