'Big Brother' Winner Adam Jasinski Sentenced to Four Years in Federal Prison

The reality TV star pleads guilty to drug trafficking and tax evasion.

Big Brother contestant Adam Jasinski has been sentenced to four years in federal prison for drug and tax charges, the Associated Press reports.

Jasinski was arrested in October 2009 for trying to sell 2,000 oxycodone pills to a Drug Enforcement Administration witness. He was charged with possession of oxycodone with attempt to distribute. 
Following his arrest, Jasinski allegedly confessed to using the $500,000 he won from Big Brother to kickstart a drug operation and bragged about selling thousands of pills to East Coast customers.
However, he later retracted the statement and expressed regret at his trial, blaming drug addiction and bipolar disease for his mistakes.
“I'm sick. I won $500,000 and I blew it all," Jasinski reportedly told the judge. “I apologize. I'm a mess... Give me a chance to get out and find out who I really am."
In addition to the drug charges, Jasinski also pleaded guilty to failure to file a tax return in 2008. The misdemeanor occurred the same year Jasinski beat out 16 others to win season nine of Big Brother, a reality TV show in which hidden cameras document the lives of a group of contestants living in one house.