Mike Daly, Trisha Cardoso Honored at Big Brothers Big Sisters Event

The Chuck Lorre Family Foundation Scholars - May 05, 2019 - Getty-H 2019
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The Hollywood Reporter's Stephen Galloway was on hand to present the Excellence in Mentoring Award to the president and chief giving officer of the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation, who has gifted six young women full-ride scholarships to Loyola Marymount University through THR's Women in Entertainment Mentorship program.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles celebrated some of its biggest supporters on Sunday, honoring Mike Daly, executive director of A&R and music publishing at Disney Music Group, and Trisha Cardoso, president and chief giving officer of the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation. 

Held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, the annual Accessories for Success Scholarship Luncheon raised money for BBBSLA with boutiques set up around the ballroom donating portions of their proceeds to the cause. The afternoon also included a fashion show featuring Big Brothers and Sisters (“Bigs”) with their Little Brothers and Sisters (“Littles”) modeling looks for everything from attending a concert and going to a museum to practicing for an interview and learning to tie a tie. 

The Hollywood Reporter's executive features editor Stephen Galloway was on hand to present the Excellence in Mentoring Award to Cardoso, who has teamed with Galloway on THR's Women in Entertainment Mentorship program over the past several years to give six underserved young women full-ride scholarships to Loyola Marymount University.  

"Thanks to Trisha, six girls are on full-ride scholarships, six truly astonishing girls have had their lives changed," Galloway said during his speech. "Each of those girls will change six other lives, and each of that six will change six more, and that is how you change the world. Not an ocean at a time but a drop at a time, and a drop becomes a stream, and a stream becomes a river and river becomes the sea. And one day that ocean of change will come about because of Trisha Cardoso."

Accepting her award, Cardoso spoke about her valuable experiences as part of the THR mentorship program, which each year matches high school senior girls with female executives in the entertainment industry as their individual mentors. As chief giving officer of Chuck Lorre's foundation, Cardoso selects one or two mentees from the group to grant a full-ride. 

"Every year, without fail, Stephen and I literally cry tears of happiness because we know each of these brilliant girls is going to have the opportunity to create change for themselves and their families by attending college," she said, before revealing that all six girls were in attendance at the gala and had them each stand up, dedicating the award to them. 

Cardoso said that her personal story echoes that of many of the mentees, as she had a challenging childhood and was the first in her family to attend college, and she credits mentors with helping her become successful. 

Giving advice to all of the "Littles" and mentees in the room, Cardoso said, "Be proud of who you are and own your own individual story. Your past does not need to define your future, you will find that there are people way less qualified than you doing things you want to do simply because they have decided to believe in themselves, so decide today to believe in yourself knowing that all of us in this room believe in you too. Dress the part — don't forget that one. The world is waiting for your unique voice and perspective."

Journalist Cal Fussman presented Daly with his award, and Jason Mraz and Lucy Hale sent in videos congratulating him on the recognition. 

In his speech, Daly remembered going to Africa in recent years with BBBSLA to build a school, and how on "the last night we were there we were reflecting on our journey, and one 'Little' said something I've never forgotten and can't shake. He said, 'This is the first time in my life I feel like I did something that matters. This is the first time I feel like I matter.'"

Daly continued: "So I'm asking you all here today to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles so the youth of this city, our city, remembers that they matter."