Big day for DVD


March 11 is looming as one of the biggest DVD release dates of the first quarter -- no doubt because of its proximity to Easter, the second-biggest gift-giving holiday next to Christmas.

No fewer than six films that made more than $25 million in theaters arrive on DVD that day, headed by DreamWorks/Paramount's "Bee Movie," the top grosser with $126.6 million.

Also coming to stores that day are Miramax's "No Country for Old Men," Disney's "Dan in Real Life," Fox's "Hitman" and Warner's "August Rush" and "Nancy Drew."

The combined theatrical value of the six films: $329.3 million. The hit streak continues the following week with the March 18 release of two theatrical blockbusters: Warner's "I Am Legend" ($254.2 million) and Disney's "Enchanted" ($125.8 million).