Emmys: 'Big Little Lies' Wins Best Limited Series

Stephen Colbert is hosting the ceremony, airing live on CBS.

HBO's Big Little Lies won the Emmy for best limited series on Sunday night.

The show beat out FX's Fargo, FX's Feud: Bette and Joan, National Geographic's Genius and HBO's The Night Of.

Stars Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman spoke on behalf of the cast and crew of the series, dedicating the show's win to the empowerment of women.

"It's been an incredible year for women in television," Witherspoon said. "Bring women to the front of their own stories and make them the hero. Thank you for that opportunity."

Kidman echoed her co-star's sentiments: "Now, more great roles for women, please!" she said as she concluded their speech.

Backstage, the co-stars spoke about a possible season two, and how the series has opened the doors to more open conversations with fans and viewers.

"There's an intimacy to [TV] so it's created a situation for me where I've never been closer to the audience than I have through this show. The communication and the way that people talk to me and talk to me about my storyline is extraordinary," Kidman told reporters. "I'm so surprised at how many women are in this situation or know someone in this situation. It's devastating."

She added, "Also this was about women, but it was for everybody and what was so wonderful we had so many people, men and women of all different ages, watching the show that went far beyond what we expected. So it was a show for everyone, as much as it about women, it was for everyone. It was just exciting to see that happen."

On the possibility of a season season, Witherspoon said, "We're thinking about it — we're discussing it but nothing definitive yet."

Kidman added, "We love playing these roles. Their storylines are so complex and interesting, and it would be fantastic if we could continue them on. Right now, though, we're just savoring this moment because this is amazing."

The Primetime Emmy Awards are being handed out at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Stephen Colbert is hosting the ceremony, airing live on CBS.

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