The big picture

A territory-by-territory look at Paramount Pictures International's global reach.

Screens in 2005: 385
Screens in 2006 (estimate): 398
Admissions (2005): 15 million
Net average ticket price (U.S.$): $7.17

Paddy Kelly, general manager: "We in Ireland are delighted that our long ssociation with Paramount is set to continue, with Paramount Pictures International setting up their new distribution venture here on Jan. 1. With an impressive slate of films already in place, including 'Dreamgirls,' 'Charlotte's Web,' 'Norbit,' 'Shrek the Third' and 'Transformers,' we are eagerly looking forward to the unique challenges that lie ahead."

Screens in 2005: 3,518
Screens in 2006 (estimate): 3,682
Admissions: 162.5 million
Net average ticket price (U.S.$): $2.79

Michael Horn, general manager: "Mexico is a very dynamic film market with a top-shelf cinema infrastructure and an ever-evolving moviegoing audience. Although not without its surprises, audiences respond best to family films, especially animation, action-adventure and supernatural thrillers. There's no reason to think Mexico can't continue to grow substantially year on year, especially once there is more growth in the local production sector on a consistent basis. It goes without saying that something must be done to curb piracy as well."

Screens in 2005: 2,220
Screens in 2006 (estimate): 2,320
Admissions: 96 million
Net average ticket price (U.S.$): $2.80

Cesar Silva, general manager: "Brazil is an underscreened market, and there is still a lot of space to grow in the future. We have an audience that loves the cinemagoing experience and has a very versatile taste for entertaining products from drama to animation. We will be working actively to develop local products, which have proven to be more commercial with recognized quality and have played an important role in the market growth the last few years."

Screens in 2005: 1,963
Screens in 2006 (estimate): 1,979
Admissions: 82 million
Net average ticket price (U.S.$): $6.87

Mike Selwyn, managing director (Australasia): "In a market crowded with distributors and with strong exhibition concentration, the relaunch of one of the great film brands is an exciting challenge. We have the advantage of a team with great experience and enthusiasm, and we look forward to working with Paramount Home Entertainment, MTV and Nickelodeon to build a major force in the Australian market."

New Zealand
Screens in 2005: 369
Screens in 2006 (estimate): 378
Admissions: 15.5 million
Net average ticket price (U.S.$): $5.87

Peter Garner, general manager: "It is certainly a tremendous opportunity and privilege to be heading Paramount Pictures in the New Zealand territory. Paramount is clearly a highly regarded and well-known brand with a great history and a huge future as the preeminent studio of filmmaking. The Paramount lineup going forward has terrific boxoffice potential, and together with the Paramount Vantage art house arm, Nickelodeon and MTV, they look set to become the major player in our vibrant marketplace."

Screens in 2005: 5,366
Screens in 2006 (estimate): 5,405
Admissions (2005): 174 million
Net average ticket price (U.S.$): $6.10

Camille Trumer, general manager: "This is an extraordinary challenge; we are proud to re-establish the distribution company Paramount in France. In a competitive market, the new Paramount films launched by the studio must find their place in the French market. The whole French team is very excited by this challenge with such excellent films to distribute."

Screens in 2005: 3,530
Screens in 2006 (estimate): 3,580
Admissions (2005): 165 million
Net average ticket price (U.S.$): $7.30

Chris Hedges, general manager: OObviously, we're proud and excited that the U.K. and Ireland will be first up in Paramount Pictures' international rollout. This is a vibrant, dynamic but also highly competitive market, so there's our challenge: maximize the tremendous opportunities that exist whilst managing the risks of what has historically been a high-cost theatrical market."