After Big Ratings For Hannity Sit-Down, Bill de Blasio Plans More Fox News Appearances

De Blasio Hannity August - H - 2019
Fox News

The New York City mayor and 2020 hopeful's Wednesday night interview with the host drew 3.3 million total viewers.

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio might just become a familiar face to Fox News viewers.

After the 2020 presidential candidate's Wednesday night sit-down with primetime host Sean Hannity drew 3.3 million total viewers, his campaign told The Hollywood Reporter that he will be on the network again next week.

"The mayor is running for president to stand up for all working people, regardless of what cable news they watch," a de Blasio spokesperson said in an email. "We are willing to go back to talk to working people who have been lied to by Fox News for years."

De Blasio first appeared on news anchor Bret Baier's show in early June. At the time, the campaign angled for the network to host a town hall with the candidate, which has not yet happened.

The Hannity interview was playful at times and unsurprisingly combative at others. "When I'm running for president and you get your own show, you get to ask the questions," Hannity told de Blasio. "On my show, I'll ask the questions."

While other 2020 candidates have been interviewed on Fox News shows, de Blasio was the first to spar with Hannity. The episode drew 5 percent more total viewers than the host's yearly average, according to Nielsen Media Research.

On Thursday, de Blasio was asked to defend his appearance on the network. "I think Fox News and News Corp. have done untold damage for the last few decades in this country," he told a radio host. "I think they've been an incredibly divisive force, but millions and millions of people turn there for news, including a lot of working people, a lot of labor union members, a lot of people who we should not for a moment ignore or give up on, but should have that discussion and bring it to them and challenge the orthodoxy of Fox hosts."

The mayor added, "So, yeah, I was there for a reason. I think if we're going to really talk about working people, we've got to face a lot of working people who are tuning into Fox, so we've got to meet them where they are."