Big screen pitch for England soccer match

12 Odeon Cinemas to screen Ukraine vs. England

LONDON -- British-based d-cinema integrator Arts Alliance Media (AAM) has tackled a deal with international sports agency Kentaro Group to deliver the Ukraine vs. England FIFA World Cup qualifier soccer game live via satellite to U.K. cinemas.

The deal is likely to prove a boxoffice success for exhibitors as no deal has been struck for the game to be shown live on television -- either terrestrial or subscriber -- in the U.K. Other than the cinema option, the game will only be shown over the Internet on a pay-per-view basis, via digital sport specialist Perform.

Odeon Cinemas has already confirmed 12 screens across the U.K., including the Odeon Leicester Square, a site that normally plays host to movie premieres in London.

It marks the first sporting event AAM has delivered to theaters here.