Big Stars Producing TV Projects

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Turns out everyone wants to be a producer. This development season, more stars are popping up in the credits of hot TV projects, even those to which they have no intention of lending their acting services. "Having A-listers makes the networks pay closer attention to the pitch," says one studio executive, noting that a boldface name can provide a built-in marketing advantage. Notable examples are below.

Jennifer Garner
The former Alias star and partner Juliana Janes are backing an ABC comedy based on Cartoon Marriage, a memoir by married New Yorker cartoonists Michael Maslin and Liza Donnelly.

Ryan Reynolds
His Dark Fire shingle with partner Allan Loeb has Guidance, a buddy comedy starring Tyler Labine (Mad Love); he and Sandra Bullock might produce the animated And Then There Was Gordon.

Jennifer Lopez
Fox has ordered a script for a Latino family dramedy from the American Idol star and Silvio Horta (Ugly Betty). The Sony Television project has Simon Fields (South Beach) attached as EP.

Natalie Portman
She and partner Annette Savitch are producing at Warner Bros. a reboot of the 1980 miniseries Scruples, based on the Judith Krantz potboiler. Krantz's son Tony Krantz and ABC have picked up a script for them.

Melissa McCarthy
The Mike & Molly Emmy winner is working with Warner Bros. on a multi-camera comedy about a woman in midlife crisis. McCarthy will write the script and executive produce with husband Ben Falcone.