Bigfoot to distribute 'Midnight' in U.S.

Plans pre-Halloween marketing push for horror film

NEW YORK -- Bigfoot Entertainment will make its first foray into the U.S. theatrical distribution market with a pre-Halloween limited release of horror feature "Midnight Movie" on Oct. 17, CEO Kacy Andrews said Thursday.

Starring television actors Rebekah Brandes and Daniel Bonjour, the film sees the killer from a 1970s horror film come down from the big screen to attack midnight moviegoers.

Produced by Andrews, Liam Finn and Jacques Thelemaque, "Midnight Movie" is the directorial debut of Jack Messitt who co-wrote the script with Mark Garbett, Andrews said in a statement.

The executive producer is German Web  entrepreneur Michael Gleissner, who founded the Bigfoot in 2002 to make English language films from its Hong Kong and Los Angeles offices and from the Bigfoot Studios in Cebu, Philippines.

Targeting young horror fans, Bigfoot will do its own marketing and distribution of "Midnight Movie," which it hopes will then roll into wider release.
Bigfoot also plans more niche releases in the U.S. domestic theatrical market, distributing its own films and those it buys "to fully service independent filmmakers with varying production budgets," the statement released from Hong Kong and Los Angeles said.