Bigfoot has two versions of 'Love'


Bigfoot Entertainment is putting its mouth where the money is, making two films with separate versions in both Mandarin and English in an attempt to capture the fastest-growing moviegoing audience in Asia.

Bigfoot executives promoting the dual-language films at AFM said the Cebu, Philippines-based company is now looking for two casts, one Chinese-speaking, one English-speaking, for a remake of Jeff Franklin's 1999 cult classic comedy "Love Stinks."

"Love" will start shooting in early 2007 at the fledgling production center in Cebu and will be directed by Bigfoot chairman and German Internet entrepreneur Michael Gleissner.

Bigfoot CEO Kacy Andrews said both casts would gather at Cebu and share wardrobes and shoot scenes back-to-back in the films' two languages. Crews will make efficient use of lighting and sets this way, Andrews said.

"We are an international company especially interested in Asia and betting on China's growing audience in particular," Los Angeles-based Andrews said. "Doing dual-language productions is a natural. One cast shoots, then steps out, then the another steps in to do it in the second language."

Andrews conceded that shooting the English and Mandarin versions of its first dual-language project -- respectively titled "Hui Lu" and "Irreversi" -- did not go as originally planned.

" 'Hui Lu' chased 'Irreversi' by a few weeks because we couldn't get the cast all there at the same time," Andrews said. The two versions of the Gleissner-directed thriller about a woman who fears for her life when she suspects her husband has killed her brother were shot on location in Hong Kong.

Poly Bona will distribute the Mandarin version, "Hui Lu," in China, and Andrews said that there was considerable interest at AFM in the English language version, "Irreversi."