'Biggest Loser' visiting 'fattest cities' next

Producers also eyeing return to single-contestant format

Producers of NBC's "The Biggest Loser" are considering a return to the single-contestant format that launched the reality hit, but with a localized twist.

Reveille, 3 Ball and 24/7 intend to cast singles for the fall edition of the show from cities topping an annual "Fattest Cities in America" list.

The show will explore why those cities are struggling so much, find people who embody the circumstances and challenge the contestant to inspire their city and improve their lives.

"We're going back to singles and contemplating doing something really unique," executive producer J.D. Roth said. "We're going to study the fattest cities in America; we're going to try to cast in those cities and add things into those cities to help them change their ways and to get off that list."

"Loser" has been on a ratings roll this season after returning to its popular couples format and has held up strong even against Fox's "American Idol."