Bill Clinton Talks "Different America," Reveals What He Misses About Presidency on 'Conan'

During an appearance on the TBS late-night show, the former president took a trip down memory lane, revealing his first occupations before running office.

During an appearance on Conan on Wednesday night, former president Bill Clinton reflected on the "different America" he saw while campaigning for his wife versus when he was president.

"The good news is … the country is much more diverse than it used to be, and I think that's a good thing," Clinton began, adding, "Youth matters. The median age of the workforce is a big deal in terms of the economic potential of the country."

Clinton then emphasized the need for more immigrants. "Since the birthright of native-born Americans of all races is just barely at replacement level, we need immigrants to come in and keep diversifying the country."

Clinton next discussed the recent Democratic wins in New Jersey and Virginia, highlighting the importance of creating an "inclusive culture" despite political party differences.

The former president said: "No matter how happy some of us are about what happened yesterday in the election, we have to remember that the founders told us our job was to create a more perfect union. So, we have to bridge these economic divides. … We have to create an inclusive economics, inclusive societies. … We need an inclusive culture."

Clinton also mentioned how despite one's political party, it's important to identify what is valued the most, whether it be the parties' "interesting differences" or "common humanity." He said, "We gotta live together. We gotta share this together. And if we work together, we'll have better economics, better societies and we'll have a culture that we could all be a part of."

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of his presidency, Clinton was asked by O'Brien whether he misses the presidential role, and Clinton surprised the host by saying he had to get used to the "Hail to the Chief" song not being played when he walked into a room. "For three to four weeks I was totally lost. I didn't know where I was. Where's 'Hail to the Chief'?" Clinton joked.

After O'Brien suggested he carry a boom box to play the song everywhere he goes, Clinton was quick to retort how "dangerous" that could be. "Yeah, but then if you think you're still there, then that's really dangerous," Clinton said.

Continuing to go down memory lane, Clinton also described his first job, as a grocery stocker, only making $1 an hour. After explaining that his much older boss had an issue with Clinton being left-handed, the former president described the moment he dropped a stack of mayonnaise jars while trying to use his right hand. Afterward his boss threatened to dock his pay, something Clinton was quick to argue.

"I said, 'Look, I love working here, and you can have a left-handed grocery boy for a dollar an hour, but you can't have a right-handed one for free."

Clinton also revealed that he ran a used comic book store. "They sold like hotcakes, and I made $150. I thought I was a millionaire," Clinton explained, until saying he now perceives it as a "stupid decision."

"If I had saved those comic books, they'd probably be worth quarter of a million dollars … and collector items," to which O'Brien interjected, "Yeah, things didn't work out for you."

As an apology for not visiting his show sooner, Clinton gifted O'Brien a bobblehead of himself.

"I can be a guest all the time now," Clinton joked. "The great thing about my bobblehead is you can turn it into a bad political joke. Every time you say something, you can just tap me on the head and I'll agree with you."