Bill Clinton Talks Hillary's Health, Plays With More Balloons on 'The Daily Show'

Bill Clinton Daily Show - H
Comedy Central

The former president spoke with Trevor Noah as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton recovers from pneumonia.

Bill Clinton visited The Daily Show With Trevor Noah on Thursday night, where he talked about Hillary Clinton's now "great" health post-pneumonia, as well as his thoughts on the presidential race.

The former president recently stepped up his appearances as his wife recovers, including reportedly filling in for her at two Hollywood fundraisers this week.

"She looked great when she left this morning, and I turned on the TV and saw her in North Carolina," he told Noah. "She just called and said she got home and she still feels good. Big deal. She had pneumonia. People get it all the time."

When asked about his reaction to the video of his wife stumbling when leaving a 9/11 memorial service, he added, "You’re always concerned, but I was pretty sure I knew what it was because she had been working hard. She was dehydrated. She had been standing up a long time there," he said. "I didn’t worry too much about it."

Bill Clinton also discussed his foundation and his upcoming 12th annual Clinton Global Initiative gathering this week, expressing that if Hillary becomes president, he "can't be involved at all" and it would "not take corporate money" and "not take foreign money."

"The main thing is, the model that we pioneered is the way we ought to run the country," said Bill. "We ought to get everybody together, agree on what you are going to do and make something good happen."

Bill also expressed what he feels is the main difference between Hillary and Donald Trump: "Most of her strongest supporters are people who have worked for her or have done business with him. They’re for her, too."

Noah ended the interview with red, white and blue balloons falling from the ceiling in an attempt to make Bill as happy as he was in the viral photos of him playing with the balloons that dropped at the end of the Democratic National Convention earlier this year.

While Bill appeared on The Daily Show, Trump appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Hillary also is scheduled to stop by Fallon's show on Monday.

Watch Bill Clinton's interview below.