Bill Cosby Accuser Beverly Johnson "Felt Such a Loss" After He Allegedly Drugged Her

Beverly Johnson - P 2014
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Beverly Johnson - P 2014

"I was the one who wasn't raped, I don't think, but who has had the experience that a lot of other women had. I'm coming forward just to tell the truth"

One of Bill Cosby's latest accusers, supermodel Beverly Johnson, continued making the media rounds on Monday, appearing on ABC's The View, where she recounted what happened the night she claims the comedian drugged her.

Johnson, who previously conducted interviews with all three of the broadcast morning shows from her home in L.A., joined the women of The View at their table in their New York City studio on Monday.

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There, she retold, with more details, her story of how she ended up at Cosby's brownstone (he had invited her there to rehearse for a Cosby Show audition) and what happened. She also, in response to detailed questions from Whoopi Goldberg and others, revealed how she felt the day after the incident and whether she'd previously thought about coming forward with her claims about Cosby's behavior.

Johnson's story is pretty consistent with her previous recollections, but she noted that the room "started to spin a little" as soon as she took a sip of the cappuccino.

"And then I took another sip, and then it was coming on like a moving train, meaning the drug. At that moment, I knew I had been drugged," she said.

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She recalled that Cosby then wanted to rehearse the scene, but she lashed out at him.

"He motioned to me to come over like we were gonna rehearse the scene then," she said. "I went over, he put his hands on my waist, I put one hand on his shoulder to steady myself at this moment, and I cocked my head to one side and looked him dead in the eye and said, 'You're a mother f—er.' "

She claimed she kept repeating that louder and louder until Cosby dragged her outside and into a taxi. She said she doesn't remember anything after she got into the taxi, and even though the driver took her home, where she had a doorman, she didn't ask the doorman the next day what had happened to her, claiming she was too embarrassed.

Johnson said she doesn't think he raped her, but she recalled feeling a loss the day after.

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"The next thing I remember is waking up the next day and thinking, 'Was that a dream, or did that really happen?' … The drugs were there, but I felt such a loss," she said. "It was like I lost a family member. I felt such a sense of disappointment. I was devastated. I didn't really know what happened. … I was numb."

Johnson also recalled that she previously considered speaking out about what happened to her, including shortly after it happened, when she called Cosby at home and his wife answered and told her that it was late and they were both in bed. She also considered coming forward in 2006 when Cosby settled out of court with Andrea Constand, who claimed the comedian had sexually assaulted her.

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But Johnson maintained that the charges being brought against Cosby go beyond the comedian.

"This is not about Mr. Cosby. He's just a lightning rod for conversations about violence against women," she said. "It's just indicative of the fact that I was the one who wasn't raped, I don't think, but who has had the experience that a lot of other women had. I'm coming forward just to tell the truth."