Bill Cosby Accuser Reveals on 'Today': He Tried to "Get on Top of Me"

Bill Cosby 3 - H 2014
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Bill Cosby 3 - H 2014

Angela Leslie claims that Cosby rubbed her hand on his penis in a hotel in 1992

In a Today interview, model-actress Angela Leslie provided further details of Bill Cosby allegedly assaulting her.

Leslie said in the segment that Cosby invited her to a hotel suite in 1992 to give her acting advice. While she was with him in the hotel, Leslie claims that Cosby stripped naked and rubbed her hand on his penis.

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"[Cosby] actually did try to get on top of me, but I was able to push him off, and he actually kind of fell onto the floor, and he asked me to leave his room because he pretended he got a phone call," Leslie said on Today. 

Leslie, who came forward with her allegations Friday in the New York Daily News, said she didn't believe Cosby's reason for wanting her to leave his room. "I never heard a phone ring, but I think he was embarrassed that I was able to push him down, and that's why he dismissed me from his room," she added. 

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Leslie, who is among a number of women to have made claims about the embattled star in recent weeks, said she isn't looking for money but just wants the actor "to acknowledge what he did, take responsibility and apologize to these women."

Cosby told a Florida paper on Friday that he has chosen to remain silent on the allegations because he doesn't have to "answer to innuendos." His lawyer has dismissed the string of sexual abuse claims as "utter nonsense."

The interview can be seen below.

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