Former Mrs. America and Two Other Women Bring More Allegations Against Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby Spiral - H 2014
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Bill Cosby Spiral - H 2014

The list of accusers has grown to more than 50.

Three more women have come forward with allegations Bill Cosby sexually assaulted or harassed them.

One accuser met Cosby in order to try to get a feature in Playboy, another was a former Mrs. America and a third was a cocktail server at a jazz club Cosby often frequented. Gloria Allred held a press conference Wednesday with the three women, who bring the tally of Cosby accusers to more than 50. Allred said women will continue to come forward with accusations against Cosby.

Pamela Abeyta said she met Cosby when she was a 25-year-old aspiring model. She sought him out at his Las Vegas Hilton performance in 1979, looking to talk to him about Playboy because of his friendship with Hugh Hefner.

According to a statement obtained by People, Abeyta said Cosby asked her to stay in a guest room in his suite and bought her $2,500 worth of clothes. She went to a dinner show with him, but doesn't remember leaving and said "everything became a blur" by the end of the show. 

"When I came to I was lying in Bill Cosby's bed not my own room. I awakened for a second time and then blacked out," said Abeyta. "When I came to again I saw two other naked people in the room by the bed. Bill was sitting on the side of the bed and I blacked out again." Abeyta said she woke up and flew home the next day.

Former Mrs. America Lisa Christie said she was an 18-year-old model who appeared on Jell-O commercials with Cosby and was an extra on his show.

She said she took acting lessons from Cosby and said he once had her dress up like Lisa Bonet. Christie claimed Cosby told her he wanted her to replace Bonet on the Cosby Show.

Two years later, in 1989, Christie said she met up with Cosby at a Chicago hotel where he tried to give her a drink and asked her to kiss him as part of an acting exercise. When she declined, Christie said Cosby "raised his voice and said 'You owe me,' and 'You're never going to make it in this business unless you sleep with me.'"

Sharon Van Ert said she was a cocktail waitress at a jazz club in 1976 when she met Cosby, who was charismatic when they first met. She said that one night, Cosby walked her to her car and sat in it with her. "After a while, Mr. Cosby started getting fresh," said Van Ert. "He was touching me and rubbing my leg. The next thing I remember, I was waking up in my car."

"I knew I was drugged because I threw up and I never threw up or drank too much," she said. "When I got home I realized my panties were missing and I never found them."

Van Ert said she believes Cosby took the underwear after he assaulted her. She quit working at the jazz club after she told the owner's wife about the incident and nothing happened.