Bill Cosby Testified He Took Andrea Constand's Silence As Permission

Bill Cosby Spiral - H 2014
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Bill Cosby Spiral - H 2014

The comedian also joked that if staffers refused to sign confidentiality agreements, "We kill them," according to new excerpts from his four-day deposition.

More information has emerged from Bill Cosby's four-day deposition in Andrea Constand's 2005 lawsuit, in which she accused the comedian of drugging and molesting her.

The Associated Press has obtained the full transcript of Cosby's deposition after The New York Times also secured a complete copy of the document.

According to the AP, Cosby said that once he reached into Constand's pants and fondled her, interpreting her silence as permission to continue.

"I don't hear her say anything. And I don't feel her say anything," he said. "And so I continue and I go into the area that is somewhere between permission and rejection. I am not stopped."

Cosby added that Constand groped him in return and that he later that night tried to have more sexual contact with her but she said no, so "I pull back," Cosby said.

The Times, which was the first outlet to obtain the full deposition, revealed Sunday that Cosby let staffers like his personal chef, housekeeper, pilots and chauffeur choose whether to sign confidentiality agreements.

“We ask them — they have a choice,” Cosby said before joking that if they don't sign, "We kill them."

In all seriousness, he said if they don't sign the agreement then they don't.

He also notes that he tried to keep his intimate dalliances with Constand secret from his chef, bringing her out to the back porch of his home in Pennsylvania.

“It’s not a solarium, it’s the back porch or side porch where Andrea is standing like this, because I turned her this way,” Cosby said. “And the reason I’ve done this is because from the dining room, which comes from the kitchen, the kitchen, dining room, there’s a shot straight back to the back, this living room we’re at with the fireplace. And I don’t want the chef to come out and see if we are in some kind of position.”

The Times on Saturday reported that the deposition reveals Cosby's tactics for sleeping with women and hiding his philandering from his longtime wife, including admitting to paying accusers hush money.

Cosby has denied the accusations of sexual assault by Constand and dozens more women.