Bill Cosby's Lawyer on Rape Charges: "Sheer Volume or Number ... Does Not Make [Something] True"

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Bill Cosby

An attorney for the comedian appeared on 'Good Morning America' to respond to the release of his 2005 deposition but dodged questions about Cosby's behavior, including why he hasn't commented on the more than two dozen accusations against him.

A day after Bill Cosby's lawyers insisted in a court filing that comments from the comedian's recently unsealed deposition were being taken out of context and that his remarks don't constitute an admission that he drugged or sexually assaulted anyone, one of Cosby's attorneys appeared on Wednesday's Good Morning America to reiterate those claims and comment on other aspects of Cosby's scandal.

Monique Pressley reiterated Cosby's lawyers' request to keep his confidential settlement with accuser Andrea Constand from nearly 10 years ago sealed. She also criticized the media for "headlines that are grabbing one excerpt or two and then misinterpreting them," noting with respect to Cosby's admission about Quaaludes that those drugs were used "frequently, not just by Mr. Cosby, but other entertainers."

In particular, Pressley talked about Cosby's reply of "I don't know" when asked if accuser Theresa Serignese was in a position to consent to sexual intercourse after being given Quaaludes in 1976.

"What he was speaking to in the deposition is her state of mind — which no person, as you know, can testify to," she said. "I can't say whether someone else feels a certain way or thinks a certain way."

As to whether the more than two dozen women accusing Cosby "are liars," Pressley said simply, "I'm not making conclusions and you know that I can't about whether someone is lying or not. What I am saying is that Mr. Cosby has denied the accusations that have been lodged thus far. The sheer volume or number of people who are saying a particular thing does not make it true."

Pressley, however, dodged answering questions about whether Cosby gave a woman drugs without her knowledge and why Cosby has not himself publicly said the accusations are untrue.

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