New York Magazine Cover Features 35 of Bill Cosby's Alleged Sexual Assault Victims

NY Mag Cosby Women Cover H 2015

The magazine's online edition also features each of the victims' personal story and allegations against the star.

The upcoming issue of New York magazine features 35 of the women who have brought allegations of sexual assault against Bill Cosby on the cover. 

With the headline "Cosby: The Women, An Unwelcome Sisterhood," the powerful black and white cover image taken by photographer Amanda Demme features the 35 women, including actress Beverly Johnson, supermodel Janice Dickinson and Cosby Show actress Lili Bernard, seated with the date of their alleged assault under them. 

Inside is an essay by Noreen Malone, who traces the story of how, finally, these women's allegations have been heard and are being taken seriously after years of Cosby's legal team manipulating and obfuscating the issue. Online, New York has posted individual testimony from each of the 35 women on the cover  incidentally not every women who has made allegations against Cosby  as well as videos from six of the victims. 

The New York magazine cover and feature comes as the weight of allegations against Cosby continue to mount and follow the revelations from his 2005 deposition, revelations which have seen former defenders like Whoopi Goldberg desert the comedian.

In the unsealed deposition, Cosby admitted to giving Quaaludes to a number of women he had sex with. His lawyers argued that the admission doesn't mean he drugged and sexually assaulted women.