NBC's 'Dateline' to Air Group Interview With 27 Bill Cosby Accusers

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Bill Cosby

The special, set to air on Friday, Oct. 9, at 9 p.m. ET, features Beverly Johnson, Cindra Ladd and many more alleged victims who have come forward.

NBC's Dateline will air a joint interview with 27 of the women who accused Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. The sit-down, with NBC News national correspondent Kate Snow, is set to air on Friday at 9 p.m. and marks the first group chat with the 27 alleged victims, all of whom were in the same room for the interview.

During the hour-long special, the women, including Beverly Johnson and Cindra Ladd, will respond to questions and skepticism about their allegations, including denials from Cosby's legal team.

Snow also sat down with a small group of women known as "Jane Does" who came forward in 2005 and agreed to talk about their experiences being sexually assaulted by Cosby but did not get the chance. Snow will also talk to lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents many of Cosby's accusers.

In preview remarks from the special, the women talk about how it's helpful to be able to share their stories with those who say they've had similar experiences.

"This is the safest, most accepted group of women that we can talk to," Lise-Lotte Lublin says. "There’s nothing greater than that, and more healing, than to just walk up to them and be accepted immediately. And for me, it’s powerful and it’s beautiful, and I’m so glad that I have it."

Ladd adds: "I think for me, if I feel like I can be of service to another generation — by standing up and showing how important it is for everyone to stand up and tell the truth, and that it’s ok, and look what we’ve created here."

The Dateline special, "The Cosby Accusers Speak," follows an A&E special featuring more than a dozen of Cosby's alleged victims recalling what they say happened with him in individual interviews, as well as a New York magazine cover story for which 35 of Cosby's accusers were photographed together.

Watch a preview of the special here.