Bill Duke to Direct 'Killing Daniel' (Exclusive)

Bill Duke - H 2015
AP Images/Invision

Bill Duke - H 2015

The Darius Films project centers on a man who attempts to reconnect with his family after his father's death, but soon discovers that his family wants to kill him.

Actor-director Bill Duke has signed on to direct Killing Daniel for Darius Films.

Written by newcomer Matthew Dressel, Killing Daniel is an ensemble film about a wealthy and dysfunctional African American family. It centers on Daniel, a young optimist whose attempt to reconnect with his siblings after their father’s death hits a snag when he discovers they all want to kill him for his sizeable share of the estate.  

"Most people don’t realize how drop dead funny Bill is," says Darius’ vp development Leah Jaunzems. "After he read the script, he asked us to push it further — and take every opportunity to make the jokes bigger and more outrageous. That sealed the deal."

Nicholas Tabarrok is producing Killing Daniel, which aims to kick off principal photography early 2016.

Duke, known for his acting roles in films like Predator and Commando, has also directed a slew of movies over the years including Sister Act 2, Hoodlum and, most recently, Dark Girls. He is repped by Pantheon Talent and Abrams, Garfinkel.