Bill Hader Plays Odd, Cheesy Robot in Cut 'Saturday Night Live' Sketch

Bill Hader as Alan in SNL — H 2015

He's the latest in casual entertainment robotics.

Saturday Night Live recently released a Bill Hader sketch it cut for time. In the clip, Hader plays a dancing robot that is part of an "Alan" line of recreational science robots.

Taran Killam and Vanessa Bayer's characters receive the Alan (whose personal name is Keith) as a gift and are told by the instruction manual that he is the "future of casual entertainment." When the Alan is turned on, Hader starts dancing in the corniest way possible and he only gets cheesier as his level of Alan increases from "Total Alan" to "Perfect Alan."

He's the "latest in casual entertainment robotics couched in a dead man's body" and covered with living human tissue. If it sounds creepy, that's because it is, but Hader pulls off the weirdness with his hilariously awkward moves.