Watch Bill Hader Express Hatred for Selfie Sticks, Segways and More

Haders_gonna_Hate - H 2015

Haders_gonna_Hate - H 2015

The 'Saturday Night Live' alum talks about life's little annoyances in a segment called "Hader's Gonna Hate."

What does Bill Hader hate?

In a segment for Vanity Fair called "Hader's Gonna Hate," the Trainwreck star got candid about his opinions on random people and things in life — among them, Segways ("I hate the rolling kind and when people force one into a conversation"), selfie sticks, bad handwriting and being asked to do impressions.

But Hader isn't such a hater, at least not of puppies, cowboys and Abraham Lincoln.

Find out more of the actor's likes and dislikes in the video below.